Let's leave the world a better place

January 28, 2015. 

State of Change:  JimCoburn.com is preparing to move.  You will notice many changes in the next few weeks.  Please bear with us during this time of Trial and Error.

In the next five years, we all have much work to do to ensure our Future, the Future of our Children, and the future of our place in the World.

The Time is Now!


This is a great country, filled with wonderful people who care about their families, the community, and the way this country is run.  While some feel helpless to do anything, many are finding that their voices can be heard.  I believe that people do care, and are willing to pitch in and help.  Real change requires action.


Many people say they hate politics.  Get to know it!  Politics is the process by which we elect our leaders.  Get involved.  It only works if informed people are involved!

Politics - The way we get things done.

New Hampshire - Let's keep it a great place to live and work.

The World - Action is needed now to maintain our place and future.

Challenges - Plenty, some not easy to solve.

Take Action - We need an orderly plan, and follow through.

Personal Interests - Family, New Hampshire and this wonderful Country of ours.


Editorial note:  Let us all do what we can to remind our elected officials that they are really in office to serve us, THE PEOPLE.  Get and stay informed, be interested, and speak your mind to those that can do something.

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